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Return Policy

Product returns

You have the right to return a product within 15 days since the day you received it and ask for its replacement with another product or a different size. It should be underlined that the date written on the courier’s receipt is considered as the delivery date for the returned product, for deadline verification purposes.
Returns in Greece cost 10€.

The product return process is particularly simple and may be completed by calling our customer service department at +3025320 22118.

It is noted that the replacements always take into account the current price of the product as well as the extra cost of the transport. In case the replacement product has a lower price than the one you are returning, you will be given a discount coupon, equal to the difference of the two products. A refund for the above case is not possible.

The products you wish to return must be sent at 10 Papadima Antoniou Street, P.O. 69300 Sapes Rodopi, via ACS courier at our own cost.
In case the product is returned to an address different to the one mentioned above, you will be charged an additional 10€ which is the shipping cost for the redirection of the package to the right destination.

In order for the Return to be valid, you must send your product back to us, the latest, the following day of your submitted request.

In a different case your request will be canceled and you will be charged the full amount of the delivery cost (10€).


In any case, returned products should be in the exact condition in which they were when received by the customer. This means:

  • There should be no damages inflicted and their packaging should be the one that accompanies the product itself.
  • They should be in perfect condition (including their official packaging or wrapping).
  • They should be accompanied by every proper document they were received with (receipt, invoice etc.).

If the aforementioned prerequisites are met, you may send the product back to us in order for it to be replaced. Otherwise, we reserve the right to decline the product return.

Return of Defective/Damaged Products

In cases where pctohome.gr can be held evidently liable for selling products that may be either defective or of poor quality, or have been falsely included in an order, or have been mispriced, or they have suffered any damages during transport, or they have come with a poor packaging etc., then pctohome.gr is fully responsible for replacing the product and covering both the transport costs for the product being sent back (the required delivery charge will be deposited to a bank account suggested by the customer) as well as that for the product being resent to the customer.

In order for our company to check if the product is defected, you have to send us photos of it via email at info@pctohome.gr.If you send us the product without following the procedure above, then you have to pay for all shipping costs including those that might be occurred. Also our company has the right to deny receiving the above product. Return conditions remain the same as those mentioned above.

In case the product is not characterized as defective, it is returned to the customer at his own cost (10€)

Denied order

In case you place an order and choose to decline it upon delivery, you will be asked to pay the cost of the return which is 10 euros. For any potential new orders you might want to place you will be required to make a bank transfer of the full cost of the new order plus the debt of 10€, as described above.

Order cancellation – Refunds

You may cancel your order in any of the following phases:

a) Before receiving the product ordered – you may cancel your order by sending an e-mail at the web address info@pctohome.gr or calling +30 25320 22118 Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 14:30 and Saturday from 09:00-15:00. In case the cancellation takes place after your order is dispatched you will be asked to pay the cost of the return which is 10 euros.

b) After receiving the product ordered, you may activate the withdrawal option within 15 days since the day you received the product.

All conditions described above must be fully met. 

You have the right to return a product and receive a full refund. The refund is always based on the price the customer has paid. It is reminded that the transport costs, which equal to 10 euros, are always subtracted from the refund. The refund will be deposited by our company within 14 working days, starting from the day we get the returned products and when all prerequisites described in our return policy are fully met.

Refunds in any bank except for Piraeus have an extra charge of 1,5€ due to bank supply of our company for the requested transfer. Any potential bank transfer cost that might be applied by the bank is not our responsibility.

We would like to remind you that a refund is possible only when the customer uses the withdrawal option. In case of a product return/replacement with another of lower cost, you will be given a discount coupon equal to the difference of the price of the 2 products. In this case you will be also charged the transport cost of the new product which is 10 euros.

If you choose to return the product using another Courier than ACS Courier you will be also charged with the respective cost.